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We're just two best friends talking about the show we love, Survivor. Our hope is that you have as much fun listening as we have talking about it.

Thank you for listening.

Jun 29, 2014

David and Dwaine are joined by Coach Benjamin Wade - "The Dragon Slayer" - Sindri and Daniel to talk about the World Cup Group Stage. 








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Jun 12, 2014

David and Dwaine are joined by Kass "Chaos Kass" McQuillen for a no holds barred talk about Survivor Cagayan and the way she played her game.







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Jun 5, 2014

David and Dwaine are joined by Andy Baker, Steve Helling and Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz) to discuss post season Survivor: Cagayan thoughts (and a little Blood vs. Water 2 thoughts)








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