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We're just two best friends talking about the show we love, Survivor. Our hope is that you have as much fun listening as we have talking about it.

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Sep 25, 2015

David & Dwaine recap and Discuss the premiere episode of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance.

Listener's Thoughts

iTunes Reviews

Mikko's Challenge

D&D Survivor Challenge Results

and more

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Sep 21, 2015

David and Dwaine are joined by several Durham Warriors Survival Challenge players to reminisce about the game they played.


Sep 18, 2015

David & Dwaine read, listen to and discuss YOUR thoughts on the upcoming season of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance

We are also joined by Dan Foley for way too many laughs.








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Sep 11, 2015

David and Dwaine are joined by bloggers Alex, Katja and Shayna to discuss Survivor: Second Chance - Cambodia.







Second Chances, S31, Reality TV, Cast

Sep 4, 2015

David and Dwaine are joined by Survivor: Borneo's Joel Klug and this year's DWSC winner, Wendy Langford to discuss Survivor: Gabon's winner, Bob Crowley's fundraising event.

Real Survivor Gameplay!








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